24  May, 2019

The role of temperature in the processing of meat products

In the process of meat processing, temperature is the biggest factor affecting the quality of meat products. From the selection of raw meat to the processing and storage and circulation, the quality of meat products has a great relationship with temperature.


I. In the production of meat products, the quality of raw meat is the fundamental factor determining the quality of meat products. The raw meat for processing is preferably fresh pork that has been cooled and acid-discharged. This pork is used to cool the hot meat after slaughter to 4 °C. When left and right, it is left for about 24 hours. At this time, the pH of the meat is about 7, and the quality of the meat processed with the fresh meat at this time is the most ideal.


II. In the process of processing, the effect of temperature on meat products is very obvious. In the process of pickling, the temperature requirement for the curing room is 0 - 4℃;when cutting meat material with bowl cutter, the initial requirement of the chopping is 5 - 8,  After adding fat and starch, the temperature is required to be between 10and 15 controlled by adding ice water;The temperature requirements for cooking generally is 110 - 121 for high temperature meat products and 82 - 88 for low temperature meat products.


III. In the process of storage and circulation, it is necessary to prevent the ambient temperature from being too high or too low: too high temperature will affect the product shelf life and quality; if it is too low, it will affect the structure and taste of the product. There are different requirements for storage and circulation of high and low temperature products. High temperature products are generally required to be stored in a ventilated and dry place below 25 ° C. Low temperature products are required to be stored at 0 - 4.


The role of temperature in the processing of meat products