12  Apr, 2022

Analysis of Processing Technology of Braised Meat Products with Sauce

Braised meat products in sauce are a kind of traditional meat products that are deeply loved by Chinese residents. During the transition from workshop production to industrial production, the product quality has been continuously improved through continuous technological improvement.

Analysis of Processing Technology of Braised Meat Products with Sauce

Now there are 3 main processing technologies around sauce braised meat products: injection, tumbling, pickling and marinating. These technologies have good effects in improving the quality of meat products and other foods. The use of these technologies will help improve the quality of sauce braised meat products. quality, and better meet the needs of the consumer market.

1. Injection pickling technology:

The brine injection machine is used to inject the prepared pickling liquid into the meat, so that the pickling liquid enters the raw meat very quickly. The brine formula and brine injection rate during injection pickling are directly related to the pickling effect. Injection marinating is generally suitable for marinating large pieces of meat. For small pieces of meat, injection marinating is of little significance. For traditional marinated meat products, brine injection method can play a role in rapid marinating, and has been applied in some products.

2. Rolling and pickling technology:

It is a process in which the meat pieces and the pickling liquid are put into the tumbling machine, and the meat pieces are continuously tumbled and beaten under the action of tumbling and kneading, so that the added pickling agents and seasonings are quickly and evenly spread to the muscle fiber tissue. Compared with the traditional static marinating method, the tumbling marinating method has a faster marinating rate, and the water retention and tenderness of the raw meat are higher.

3. Braised cooking technology:

It is made by boiling various seasonings and spices into brine, and then boiling the meat products in a pot. The used brine is usually reserved for the next brine, so there is often a saying of "hundred-year-old brine".


The technical problem of heat control in the processing of sauce braised meat products is an important link in the processing of sauce braised meat products. Cooking with high heat makes the outer muscles contract rapidly and strongly, making it difficult for the ingredients to gradually penetrate into the product, and the meat cannot be crispy.


The above three points are an introduction to the production process of braised pork products. With the change of people's consumption concept, the processing technology of braised meat products also needs to be continuously improved to improve product quality. There are multiple problems such as high cost, unstable flavor, and microbial spoilage in the industrial production of traditional braised meat products with sauce, especially the contradiction between avoiding peculiar smell caused by overheating and maintaining the strength of thermal sterilization. The injection marinating technology, tumbling marinating technology, and marinating technology summarized in this paper will help to provide new solutions for the production of marinated pork products, and further improve the quality of traditional marinated pork products.