21  Mar, 2022

Sausage products always produce oil these influencing factors must be known

In the production of sausages, small and  medium-sized meat processing enterprises sometimes experience oil on the  surface of the products, causing the enterprises to suffer losses and not be  able to deal with them.The following will analyze this phenomenon and propose  solutions. Generally speaking, the oily situation of sausage is generally  caused by the reasons such as stale raw materials or unreasonable ratio,  insufficient processing technology and improper use of auxiliary materials.

  1. Raw Meat and Recipe Impact

    1. Generally,  in the process of processing sausages, we try to use fresh raw meat or fresh  frozen meat, and do not use stale meat, frozen meat that has expired, and  re-thawed meat, because the salt-soluble proteins in these meats have been  denatured. Or loss, it will affect the water and oil retention of the sausage.

    2. The ratio  of fat and lean meat and the choice of fat also have a great impact on the raw  meat. The proportion of fat meat to lean meat is generally required to be  controlled within 30%. If the proportion is too high, the protein in the lean  meat will not be able to retain the fat in the fat meat. And out of oil.

    3. Pig fat,  chicken skin, duck skin, vegetable oil and other fatty substances are generally  used in sausage processing. The selection of these raw materials requires  manufacturers to determine according to their actual situation. The easier it  is to cause the product to be oily.






  1. Processing technology

In sausage processing, the process has the  most obvious effect on the oil retention of the product, and the oil output is  mostly caused by the lack of processing technology.

    1. First of  all, from the point of view of minced meat, if the knife of minced meat is not  sharp, it will cause obvious damage to the fat particles when mincing the fat,  resulting in the existence of a large amount of free fat, and the final result  is the poor oil retention of the product. The solution is to pickle the fat  first. Pickling can remove the water in the fat and make it hard and firm. When  the meat is minced and stuffed, the fat wall is not easily broken, which  reduces the free fat in the sausage and prevents the sausage. To prevent the  occurrence of oil out of the product in the subsequent processing.

    2. Improper  operation of chopping, mixing and stuffing will also cause oil out of the  product. The main reason is the temperature of the meat filling and the  friction between the meat filling and the chopping and mixing knife and the  stirring shaft. If the temperature is high, the friction will cause a large  amount of free fat to be produced. So that the sausage cannot keep the oil, in  the process of chopping and stuffing, the temperature can be controlled by  controlling the sharpness and knife speed of the chopping machine, the speed of  the stuffing machine, adding ice water, and the operation time to reduce the  amount of free fat. produce.

    3. Filling,  drying and cooking will also affect the oil production of the sausage. The  tightness of the sausage filling is required to be appropriate. Too looseness  will cause the product to produce oil.

    4. In  addition, if the raw sausage is placed at a high temperature for a long time,  it will also cause oil. The temperature and time during baking and drying also  have a significant impact on the oil production of the sausage. Generally, the  baking temperature is required to be 50-55 ° C, and the sausage is baked until the sausage is cooked.

    5. The  appearance is dry, hard and refreshing. Some manufacturers directly cook the  sausage without drying. The influence of cooking on the oil production of the  sausage is mainly caused by improper operation of the temperature and time of  cooking and cooking. The general requirement is 82- 84°C, cook until the core temperature of the intestine reaches 72°C.

  1. Excipients

    1. The  oil-retaining effect of sausage can be improved by adding some emulsifiable  substances such as soybean protein isolate, modified starch, monoglyceride,  etc. to the auxiliary materials. The use of these substances is mainly by  reducing the free fat in the sausage to achieve oil-retention. effect, but it  will not be effective if used improperly.

    2. In short,  in the processing of sausage production, small and medium-sized enterprises  should strictly regulate the sausage processing technology and the management  of the production workshop, in addition to strictly controlling the quality of  raw and auxiliary materials.