08  Dec, 2016

International food machinery standard situation

According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2014, approximately more than 100 countries already equivalent used the international standard or the European standard, causes the international standard to hasten assimilates a big ainstream which into the world food machinery develops. The food packing achineryaccounts for the proportion in the packaging machinery to be very big.     

     In recent years, various countries' food machinery related standard in abundance (either the European standard) closed up to the international standard, uses the international standard or the region standard takes our country technical standard the primary coverage, realized the international food mechanical skill standard uniformity and the coordination, promoted the international food mechanical skill exchange and the trade smooth development. In this development mainstream, the technical strength strong developed country many have undertaken the international food machanical related standard system revision work, and integrates our country some technologies to the international standard, thus obtains the bigger technical economy benefit; The technical strength weak developing country, must walk in the food mechinery domain with the international trail connection path, by equivalent uses or the part uses the international standard, if not will do this will be in by the international marginalization danger.

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