14  Apr, 2020

Why Can't Vacuum Enema Machine Complete Filling Function?

The vacuum electric sausage filling machine is used to complete the filling process of the material under vacuum, effectively prevent fat oxidation, avoid protein hydrolysis, reduce bacterial survival, and effectively guarantee the shelf life of the product and the product. The bright color and pure taste are the necessary equipment to remove pores in the casing and improve the quality of the product.

Cheap vacuum electric sausage filling machine may cause some failures after long use. In fact, many failures are caused by improper operation of the staff, but there are many because the machine has passed over time There are some problems such as slow running of the machine, insufficient cutting of the product, low vacuum of the meat, precipitation of the meat and so on. So how do we solve these problems? Sausage clipping supplier analyzes how to deal with the common problems of vacuum enema machine.

vacuum electric sausage filling machine

Vacuum Electric Sausage Filling Machine

Fault one, the enema drive motor does not work Solution, in fact, many friends know that this is because the power is not connected well, but is it really the case? Of course, this is just one of them. The other one is that the fuse is blown. You only need to replace a fuse.

Trouble two: Insufficient cylinder pressure of auxiliary machine of enema machine

The solution, this is mainly because the pressure adjustment on the cylinder pressure regulator of the enema machine is too low, it is only necessary to increase the working pressure of the regulator gas on the cylinder.

Failure three, the screw feeding transmission of the enema machine is not flexible. The solution is mainly due to the lack of lubrication of the screw feeding transmission. You only need to buy some lubricant to lubricate the screw feeding transmission.

Failure four, the vacuum enema machine cannot complete the filling function

Analysis and resolution,

1. The vacuum tube in the enema machine may be blocked by the meat block, just remove the vacuum tube in the machine and clean the vacuum tube.

2. It may be that the reversing arm is not installed for filling the thick material. Check whether the reversing arm is installed in the machine. If the reversing arm is not installed, install it in time.

3. The vacuum pump filter may be clogged. Clean or replace the vacuum pump filter.

4. The scraper may not be installed. Some friends may forget to install the scraper when they are in a mess. At this time, check if there is a scraper installed in the machine. If not, install it in time.

5. The pump blade may not be inserted correctly. Try to align the recess of the pump blade with the center of the rotor.

6. It may be that the meat is too cold or too hard. Friends who have mechanical switch buttons can adjust the temperature. Remember to keep the temperature above -5 ℃. Friends who do n’t have mechanical switch buttons just need to put the meat quality. Into the refrigerator, the temperature can be adjusted at 0 ~ 3 degrees, and the finished product can be removed after 10 minutes. Remember to keep the meat softer.

7. The pump may not be sufficiently lubricated. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the whole body of the pump is lubricated.

Fault five, the pump of the enema machine keeps on solving. This is mainly because the weighing knob may be between two and two adjustment positions. Try to make the positioning pin of the weighing adjustment knob as far as possible.

The above is a part of the common problems of vacuum enema machine. It is necessary to use the enema machine properly, and the maintenance of the equipment must be done well. No matter how good the machine is, it will still shorten its service life.